Investing for Your Future: Basic Investing Home Study Course

A Cooperative Extension System Publication, NRAES-156, 2002, 8 1/2 x 11, 164 pages
  • This study guide was developed for those who are new to investing and who may not have thousands or even hundreds of dollars to start with. The first three units help readers understand how and why to invest and cover topics like credit management, retirement planning, risk, and creating a savings plan. The next five units break down the many different types of investing: equity investing, fixed-income investing, mutual fund investing, tax-deferred investing, and investing with small dollar amounts. The final three units review additional helpful topics: investing resources, selecting a team of professional financial advisors, and investment fraud. Each of the eleven units concludes with a checklist of "action steps" -- specific steps that readers can take to apply the course material to their lives. Examples, worksheets, and a glossary are included as well.