House Plant Tips

by S. Newman, K. Badertscher, L Pottorff, Bulletin no. 569A, 2000, 6 x 9 booklet, 1999, 20 pages.
  • The indoor environment in Colorado can be harsh for many plants. This book will be a handy and necessary tool for any indoor gardener. Includes tips on: lighting, temperature, water and humidity, soil, containers and repotting, fertilizing, insect and mite pests, and diseases.
    "All house plant enthusiasts, from beginner to expert will find useful information in House Plant Tips. This publication has all aspects of growing house plants successfully and is presented in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand style. The basics of light, temperature, moisture and soil will help beginners get a handle of the cultural needs of plants."
    - Harriett McMillan, Horticulture Information Specialist, Denver Botanic Garden