Dry Bean Production & Pest Management

By H. Schwartz and M. Brick, Colorado State University, Bulletin 562A, 2015, 8 x 11 spiral bound, 160 pages
  • The Dry Bean Pest Management and Production, 3rd Edition publication provides an updated, comprehensive, authoritative, and modern account of bean plant health and production practices commonly employed throughout irrigated and rain fed regions of North America. It is international in scope and practical in emphasis. It will assist in the diagnosis of common bean diseases and pests whether in the field, laboratory, or diagnostic clinic, and help focus on pest management strategies that can be employed to reduce their impacts. In addition, an overview on various production practices is provided in this regional bulletin with input from 22 authors from 3 university programs in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming. The publication contains 42 figures, 44 tables, and 245 color plates.